Plaintiff v Defendant Legal Issues


Liability Topics– Amusement Parks, Community Courts, Educational Malpractice, Electoral College, Evidence, Medical Malpractice, Megan’s Law, NonCompete Agreements, NonProfits, Premises Liability, RipOffs, Viatical Settlements, Web Page Law [Accessibility per § 508], WorkPlace Privacy, WorkPlace Violence
Solo’s Briefcase– LAWebbie 101 [site creation] and 201 [automating website maintenance chores], Tools
PocketSize Law/– maximizing professional and personal productivity with PDAs: exploring the nuances, benefits, costs, and inherent practice-aware capabilities of Palm OS, Pocket PC and RIM/Blackberry handsize personal digital assistants.
[exclusive: 12-page Blackberry primer!]
Pennsy Law– By Subject, Monthly Indexes with blurbies; opinions = 1997 through early February 2000 [date Courts launched search engine for officially posted opinions]
About this Site– Privacy Policy, Copyright, and similar site basics
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[Opinions reformatting will be completed prior to Christmas. AvantGo customized links will be added per section thereafter.]

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