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What You Need to Know About about Green Cards

passport for US residents

The process of obtaining a green card is very complex. The steps followed are dependent on whether the applicant is outside or inside the country or in the United States. Nashville-based advocates have been helping families and individuals to pursue employment opportunities and residence in the United States.  Securing a Nashville green card is one of the essential steps toward permanent residence.

Green cards are helpful in offering opportunities to many people. Green card applications have different categories. These include:

  • Eligibility set in special legislation
  • Employment-based eligibility
  • Family-based eligibility: you can be sponsored by your family member
  • Asylum or refugee-based eligibility
  • Job and refugee or asylum status

In addition to these categories, special legislation can be used in creating other categories that are meant for those individuals who are not classified under the common regulations and rules. For instance, these regulations cover individuals who have been subjected to domestic violence. Every person must be granted legal authorization for living and working in the United States for him or her to be given a green card. Once you are granted this card, you will automatically become a permanent residence of the US.

Application process

The process of applying for a green card can be very intimidating especially if you do not have someone to help you. You can increase the chances of obtaining it by hiring a green card Nashville attorney. In fact, this is the best way of obtaining the permanent residency status. The immigration attorney will help in determining whether the applicant is qualified or not. He or she will go through the applicant’s petition and all the processes required thereby ensuring that his or her client has obtained a green card.

Requirements for green card application

Applicants are supposed to appear green card’s application support center. At this center, his or her signature, photos and fingerprints are taken. You will also be required to submit the essential documents such as travel documents and visa. These biometrics are used in doing a background check and processing a green card. In some cases, the applicant might be invited by the USCIS for an interview.fingerprints for applicants

In such a case, the attorney will help you in preparing for it. He or she will also prepare all the documents that are required for the interview. Once you are through with the application process, you will wait for the final decision from USCIS. Once your application is accepted, you will be told where to get your card. For those applications that are rejected, the immigration attorneys can file appeals on behalf of their clients.…