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Qualities of a Good Mediation Attorney


A good Mediation attorney has experience and skills when it comes to dealing with different people. Mediation is an art or science which may be acquired through learning and eventually developed into a skill. A good attorney who has acquired this skills will put them into practice which will enhance his or her experience that will help him or her during meditation. The following are qualities that you should consider when you are looking for a good Mediation attorney:


family LawA good mediation attorney will only schedule the case if parties to be mediated are ready and agrees to mediation. A good mediator must know that for mediation to work both parties must agree to mediation. A mediation attorney should ensure there are boundaries for both parties and this has to be done before the mediation begins. A great attorney will also not be biased. He or she should be fair and straightforward for the interest of both parties and not for his or her selfish ambitions or gains.

Only mediated

A good mediator will not litigate. Mediation is a crucial process involving skills and impartiality. Litigation is a set of skills that involves advocacy. A good mediation attorney has to know advocacy disqualified impartiality and that good mediator does not litigate but mediate.

Knows the law

A great mediation attorney must know the laws and what they state to avoid misleading the clients. They have to know the laws related to the case they are dealing with Like divorce.

Meet your needs

A good attorney can go to the extent of altering some process just to meet your needs. Some parties would wish for their mediation to occur apart and others would wish for theirs to take place at the same time. In case the mediation occurs apart, it’s the work of the mediation attorney to ensure both parties reach an agreement.

Puts your children first

In case of a divorce mediation, the attorney has to ensure your children are the priority. The child exists but has no say during the all mediation process. Mostly parents engaged in divorce chaos often disagree on matters of parenting. This is where the mediation attorney has to advise them on the potentiality of divorce and how it affects the children. A good attorney will also advise the parents on the importance of putting the children as the priority during the mediation process when there is a lot of chaos that may affect the lives of the children.


familyA good mediation attorney should prove himself or herself to be trustworthy. The attorney should be able to keep everything he has been told as part of the information required very private. He or she should respect the wish of every party and ensure they are in harmony and perfect agreement. A good mediation attorney will not share the information he or she has been provided with to any person as much as they trust each other. The information of a client is very important and should be guarded secretively. This will make your client build more trust and share without hesitation or fear.  Law is one of the best mediation lawyer that you need to solve your problems.…