Short & Sweet Version: The beauty of the Net/Web is the incredible wealth of qualitative data available, at the click of a mouse. But, it’s a dual-edged sword. If the problem being researched is of a highly personal nature– be it medical, legal, or otherwise– the wise researcher uses the resources available strictly to gather information, as opposed to expert advice. Your medical history, intertwined as it is with the history of your particular family; your legal dilemma, peculiar to your specific factual situation — all demand individual attention from an expert practicing in that specific field.
Sure, Pam, you may say, you’re just trying to get your hand into my wallet! Reality check:

Attorneys and doctors worthy of the name subscribe to a host of monthly and daily periodicals, in a never-ending quest to stay on top of developments and changes in their professional fields. We know what to look for; you do not.

As regards the money angle, let me deal with that head-on. You have to eat; yet, you will find no free groceries. Likewise, when you put in an honest day’s work, you expect to be paid. Attorneys are not exceptions to these rules of economic survival.
Summarily, use what you find here intelligently– which means as an educational tool, not as a definitive resolution.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

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Do NOT Rely on Material

While certain opinions, cases, articles, briefs, etc. available through or at this site may appear to offer an answer to a question you may have, you still require the assistance of a professional to ascertain its precise application, if at all, to your particular situation.

The law is constantly changing. A judicial opinion or case appearing on this site or elsewhere may have been overruled or reversed, in totality or partially, since the date it was issued. Articles represent that author’s opinion, which we neither affirm nor adopt. Briefs on this site and to which we link represent that author’s focused attention on the specific matter addressed in that brief. Other counsel may or may not view such material as an accurate statement of the law. The same is true regarding forms and the like available here and elsewhere.

In summary, this site is designed primarily for informational purposes, as distinguished from giving legal advice. We welcome all visitors, and invite you to explore. We simply want you to realize that no attorney, no matter how experienced, can offer a valid opinion on any matter without first reviewing ALL the pertinent facts. Thus, your interaction with this site is taken with the understanding that NO attorney-client relationship is resultantly implied nor created.

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We sincerely regret, yet respect, the fact that the current state of the law makes the foregoing statements necessary.

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