Liability Index

CmmtyCts (19)
Studies, reports and articles focusing on community justice, drug courts and Community Courts, with examples to emulate.

Copywrong (10)
Neither CDs nor DVDs are “cheap”, esp. given the hidden price tag which precludes copying for PERSONAL use. This reality of treating purchasers like presumed law violators reigned supreme until a few hackers took center stage, first cracking the code, and then posting the related software program on websites for free distribution. One judge says it’s illegal. [Affirmed 11/28/2001] Expert legal authorities beg to differ. Read about the cases and issues affecting your wallet.

Electoral College (8)
As I watched the election results, it occurred to me that we may now witness one of the rare times when the electoral college vote differs from the popular vote. Here’s your roadmap to the basics.

Evid (46)
Annotated articles and cases re Evidentiary Issues such as spoliation of evidence, privileges, electronic records, discovery
. . . Privileges
. . . Spoliation

MedMal (38)
Annotated list of Medical Malpractice articles by legal counsel discussing Physician Assisted Suicide, National Practitioner Data Bank, Discovery of Peer Review Records, Managed Care
. . . HMOs
. . . NPDB
. . . PeerReview

Megan (26)
Megan’s Law, impact on realtors and others, Federal Level, state law, regulations.

Mscl (14)
Liability Topics worthy of a link or two, i.e., Educational Malpractice.

NonCompete (6)
Cases, sample clauses and articles focusing on NonCompete Agreements and restrictive covenants.

NonProfits (34)
Tax-exempt organizations or corporations – fund-raising issues, IRS, sample completed form 1023 to secure 501c3 status, form 990, sample bylaws and articles for varying types of nonprofit entities, how to launch or create a tax-exempt organization, duties and liabilities of the governing board of directors, checklists, handbooks and guidebooks for volunteers.

Physician Assisted Suicide (11)
In 1994, the voters of Oregon told their doctors that, under certain circumstances, physician-assisted suicide would be permissible. For years, the federal government agreed . . . but the administration changed. U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft now seeks to nullify Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, the first of its kind in the nation. Oregon responded with a lawsuit in November 2001.
[Is it me? I thought this was the crew who believed in “states’ rights”]

Premises (42)
Aspects of premises liability law, such as primary versus secondary assumption of the risk, defective or unsafe premises, third party criminal attacks or assaults, assumption of risk, attractive nuisance doctrine, duty towards children, recreational activity or activities
. . . Assaults

RipOffs (43)
Framing, Meta Tag Theft, cookies and wandering intrusive robots, junk faxes, junk mail, junk e-mail, spam, funeral industry, funeral rule, and self-protective mechanisms, bank fees, bank surcharges, ATM fees, automated teller machine fees, Long Distance, PrePay Cards, Pay phones
. . . Junk
. . . WebTech

TheNet (16)
Annotated articles by legal counsel discussing attorney fees, ethical issues in electronic information systems, practical concerns attending the daily practice of law.

WebPage Law (100)
The W3C is engaged in an active campaign to make all websites “accessible”. The law currently on the books, legal developments, and related articles.
. . . Articles
. . . Coding
. . . Legal

WorkPrivacy (18)
E-mail Privacy in the Workplace, Monitoring Employees’ Computer Use At Work, protecting workers’ privacy, Technological Surveillance in the Workplace, Monitoring E-Mail, Computer Files, Voice Mail, and Telephone Use, Workplace Rights: Electronic Monitoring, video cameras

WorkViolence (25)
WorkPlace Violence risk assessment and preventative measures, Federal Initiatives, OSHA, liability issues

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