Privacy Policy

I Absolutely Respect Your Privacy!

There are advantages to running a one-woman operation: you can speak in absolutes. Accordingly, as regards your e-mail address, I do not trade, share, pass on, etc. such data to anyone.

Other Personalized Data:

The server on which this site is located has auto-generated access logs, which record site activity such as the date and time of individual page accesses and your IP address.

Why keep the stats?

First, I want to ensure that I spend more time enhancing those pages you care most about, while discontinuing those which generate minimal interest. Second, I want to ascertain the identity of unfriendly robots those which troll the site looking only for e-mail addresses, for spamming purposes. When I pinpoint them, I trace the IP address, and take appropriate action. Third, every now and then, a knucklehead shows up, who tries to do something– usually, with one of the forms, that amounts to would-be hacking. Tracing the IP address allows me to bar that person from the site, and send a personalized invitation to court.

What About Cookies?

As a personal matter, the only cookies I give a wit about are of the chocolate chip variety. This site is my hobby, not my life. Therefore, I neither create, install, read nor track cookies. However, some of the freebie scripts used at this site, employ cookies technology— strictly to assist you in navigating throughout that particular area.

More Info:

I’ve set up a separate page, for those of you who would like to read the latest available news on Personal Data Privacy.

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